Experience a new world of immersive connections

Airgift is a social media platform that lets users share their interests by creating augmented reality experiences. Pioneering both AR content and creation, we are on a mission to take AR mainstream.

We want to create an immersive social media platform with a strong focus on AR to give people the ability to create new content experiences that can be shared and discovered. Most importantly, we want to make it fun and available for free.

Bring the world closer to you

Airgift blends your physical and digital world by spearheading new ways for human connection beyond the limitations of our screens.

Authentic Content

Augmented reality gives us a chance to present content in a new and immersive way. Airgift gives everyone the opportunity to create and share original content. With an AR editor, you have full creative control over how you want people to experience your content.

Mind-Blowing Interaction

One of the most fundamental problems with AR today is interaction. Sure, we can tap away on our devices but that leaves us hooked to our devices. We're pushing forward the needle of mixed reality interaction by utilizing advanced computer vision techniques.

Immersive Experience

From creating an Airgift to experiencing an AR creation, we prioritize UI and UX. Unlike other platforms where you simply consume static and generic content, Airgift delivers augmented reality experiences that are laid atop your life, directly in front of your eyes.

We're making AR content and creation more accessible

Built with security and easy-of-use in mind.

Geospatial Discovery

One way we're connecting humans across borders is by letting them drop their Airgifts anywhere around the world. This allows for a unique discovery of AR experiences and gives you the opportunity to learn the passions and interests of people from around the world.

Template Creator

Airgift comes with a variety of templates to help you create the perfect AR experience that showcases your passion. With just a few taps or a VUI powered by GPT-3, creating a 3D experience has never been easier. Find something to share and Airgift turns you into the best storyteller.


We want you to create authentic connections around the globe. Airchats is our in-app messaging service that capitalizes on Airgifts. With a gorgeous UI and simple UX, we believe that red bubbles are going to be your next favorite way to quickly send a message to your favorite people.

Privacy and Security

We hold fundamental values very close to us. There's no value in creating this brave new world if it comes at the cost of your privacy. This is why we uphold the highest levels of security and privacy throughout Airgift, making sure that no one can view your data apart from you and you alone.

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