About Us

Our mission is to advance authentic human connection by using augmented reality to spark creative, immersive and playful experiences.

Airgift is a place to discover new experiences and meet new people. We aim to create a friendly, positive, and valuable platform where you can connect with people from all across the globe by utilizing mixed reality technology.

Our Principles

Technical Principles

  • Privacy Focused

  • Accessible to All

  • Immersive UX

  • Delightful UI

Personal Principles

  • We aim to augment reality, not distract from reality.

  • Our users are the #1 priority. They should use the product and never be the product.

Value Proposition

What We Give To You

In 2023, everyone is a content creator. Airgift offers a new digital ecosystem that gives content creators an unprecedented way to connect with audiences beyond the limitations of screen or location. Unlike other social media platforms where you simply consume static and generic content, Airgift delivers augmented reality experiences that are laid atop your life, directly in front of your eyes, bringing the world closer to you. Featuring an easy-to-use suite of tools that allow for the creation of captivating AR experiences, Airgift offers an authentic, immersive, and engaging world where people can share their interests together.

Brand Motto

Authentic, Immersive Connections

This is our mantra. We repeat it anytime we embark on a new feature, service, project, or product. It guides us into making sure we reach our goals and work towards our mission.

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